1820's "Monopteros" Blue and White Plate by John Rogers

Code: 10223


W: 85cm (33.5")


This is an early 19th Century Blue and White transfer-printed plate printed in the "Monopteros" pattern 
by John Rogers and Son of Dale Hall, Longport, Staffordshire.

The Rogers pottery was active between 1784 and 1842 and they were famous for their high quality, 
light pottery; you can feel and hear it when you pick up this platter as it is lighter than you expect.

The reverse bears the impressed Maker's Mark, ROGERS. 


Diameter: 25 cms

Condition: In very good condition with only some very feint scratches only discernible  in certain 
light and the tiniest of chips on the edge where it has been displayed.

Provenance: From the Sadia Walsh Collection

Sadia Walsh (1928 - 2009). Sadia was born at Ravenswing, a country home in Mellor, Lancs, in February 1928. The fourth generation of the Cook family, Sadia lived at Ravenswing all her life - and filled it with objects she loved. Cultured, intelligent and well read, Sadia had a lifelong love of the arts, but her great passion was antiques including furniture, Georgian silver and glass, but particularly ceramics.

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